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"Epimed has been setting the standard in the design, development, and manufacturing of disposable devices in the interventional pain management market."

Epimed.com is a fully functional e-commerce website which features over 150 different products in 4 different categories. To handle all of these products and individual customer orders I use the amazing plugin Woocommerce. The individual product pages has many different details about the various products this includes a resource section with specifications and product catalogue. An image gallery with multiple high quality images that allow the user to zoom in on the detail of the product. A review section where customer can rate and even leave reviews for the product. A contact section which allows the potential customer to ask a question about the product before they buy. And finally an add to order form which contains many different variables of the product so they customer can order the exact sized needle that they will need. I built this site using wordpress that is intergrated with bootstrap. The framework I used was a highly CSS customized version of flat bootstrap. The site also has many custom applications including a find a rep feature which allows customer to find the salesmen that works in their region. They can search for these reps by zip code, city, state, county or country. Another custom application is the product filter which allows the customer to filter the 150 plus products through the various categories to find the exact product they are looking for. Both of these applications were made with JavaScript and are embedded into the Wordpress site through custom page templates. Another section of the site that I am proud of is cutting edge. Which is a page that shows off and gives the customer information about five of our best selling products. It also allow for the customer to fill out a form underneath the product that sends to our sales-team which can answer any of the questions asked. A product manufacturing section which explains the process of building and shipping the products. And finally a contact us page which allows the customer to send a question by there region (North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America).



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