Racz Lab & Raczlab Europe
Interventional Pain Workshop
"Attendees are exposed to multiple surgical rooms with cadavers and fluoroscopic imaging, providing realistic training on procedures by experienced physicians."

Raczlab and Raczlab Europe are quarterly cadaver workshops that are held by Epimed. The courses include different modern surgical procedures as well as hands on training for doctors in training. The workshops are held in Dallas, Texas and the European one in Leiden, Netherlands. I built this site using WordPress with a highly customized version of the Parallax One theme. On top of the customer learning more about this cadaver workshop from this website both Raczlab and Raczlab EU have a registration feature. The customer can directly sign-up for these events just by visiting the website. The registration form was built using the incredible plugin gravity forms. The sites also include an about section, testimonials and a contact us page. Since the web site redesign and addition of the registration system total sign ups for both Raczlab and Raczlab Europe have gone up significantly.


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