Wiley Spinal
"The Wiley SpinalĀ® is ideal for anesthesiologists looking for a flexible and immediate way to deliver medication."

Wiley Spinal differs from my other websites due to it being completely written in bootstrap frameworks. The site was originally mocked up in photoshop by a graphic design team and created into responsive clean code. Wiley Spinal features pages about the product as well as the individual features that the needles allow for the doctor to perform. A get started page which allows for the customer to watch a video about the product and download the training manual. A literature section which host different scholarly articles that mention the uses of the Wiley Spinal and a contact us page which allows for the potential customer to communicate directly with the sales team. Since the creation and implementation of this site the Wiley Spinal needle has gone from an unknown product by most doctors to a house hold name in the pain management field.


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